Kirkland Hard Seltzer Review

Editor’s note: I am NOT a food and or food/drink blogger! I carry no expertise whatsoever in the tasting of alcoholic beverages and the like.

I live in Michigan, so it was probably one of the last “sit out on my front lawn” drinking days for a spell, as temperatures are likely to start chilling down soon. We thought about buying one of those outdoor propane heaters, but nah…they’re too glitchy, and if we’re home, we can just come inside when it’s cold, right?

Bottoms up!

Today, I tried three of the four flavor offerings of Costco’s new private label Kirkland hard seltzer (black cherry, mango and grapefruit). I have not yet tried the lime, but will do that on another night (I’m trying to be a good girl and cut back on the alcohol consumption on “school nights”).

Black cherry – Tasted very, very much like cherry cough drops. But since I actually enjoy the taste of cherry cough drops, it’s not a negative by any means! Much bolder flavor than other black cherry flavored seltzers I’ve tried (mainly Truly and White Claw). Usually I’m “take it or leave it” with black cherry hard seltzers, but this is one I’d definitely reach for first!

Mango – While I prefer pineapple when it comes to “tropical” flavors, this was…not bad! It wouldn’t be the one I reach for first, but I certainly wouldn’t avoid it. Well done!

Grapefruit – Again, usually I’m “take it or leave it” when it comes to grapefruit flavors. This one, however, has a nice vibe, similar to Squirt. Very, very refreshing!

At about $18/case, there’s really no reason NOT to try this stuff!

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