Go Pack! For That Cabin Trip…

I’ve started packing some things for a trip “Up North.” We’ll be staying at a cabin in Northern MI with electricity, a wall heater, a small refrigerator, microwave and…not much else! We’ll have access to “real” toilets (the flushable kind) and showers, and also running water (no hand pump) and will be a short distance from town if we need anything. We’ll have bunk-style beds with mattresses, so (yay) no sleeping on the ground! We may pick up a carry out pizza from Pizza Hut for our first night’s dinner. We usually like to do a “lazy dinner” our first night of camping.

The only Wi-Fi I’ll have access to is whatever I happen to run into in my travels. We may visit a local brewery which has outdoor patio seating, take a little drive along the Lake Michigan coast, but haven’t made any real “plans,” besides taking some nice hikes around the park.

We’ll have a front row seat to Lake Michigan at our cabin, so we’re looking forward to some potentially lovely sunsets! There is also a very nice public beach in town.

I’ve already started packing the car…camp chairs, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, water jugs, propane canisters and a whole lot of tea lights are already in the car. I’ve also transferred vodka from the huge, heavy Kirkland glass bottles (Costco’s private label) into more “travel friendly” plastic bottles, which are all clearly labeled as “NOT WATER.” I’ve rinsed out a 2-liter Faygo cream soda bottle, and a half-gallon lemonade jug and a one-liter club soda bottle will out out the trio of “not water.” That’s our little “code” for vodka! We’ll have PLENTY of “not water” to mix with powdered lemonade mix (sugar free). Not fancy, I know – but with so many state parks not collecting recycling because of the ongoing plague, this means we won’t go home with a mountain of empties! No, I won’t throw them away – though I have been putting most of them in my recycling bin as of late rather than trying to collect the 10 cent per can/bottle deposit. I’m a child of a hippie – I can’t bring myself to NOT recycle (don’t try to make me, it will break my brain)!

I’d like to say this is our last cabin trip of the year…BUT IT ISN’T! We have a winter trip booked over New Year’s for my hubby’s birthday!

And that’s about it for now…wish me happy trails!

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