A Little “Update” (October 3, 2020)

I’ll tell you what’s happening (pssst…not much)!

I’ve said before that pandemics aren’t very inspiring, which is the main reason I haven’t been posting as many blogs as I did in the “before times.” I haven’t been going out as much, I’ve even started cutting back on drinking (which is a good thing) and lastly, I haven’t been going for any trivia games, which is something I used to do at least a couple of times a week – though in years before that, I would go out for games a LOT more! There are no trivia tournaments to cling to hope that you’ll win money in, I’m not seeing my trivia “peeps” on a regular basis, I’m not experiencing the joy of winning money to cover bar tabs by beating some very wily trivia competitors (and not so wily competitors). Though, it was always far more satisfying to beat the really good teams!

Now, when I want to get a “trivia fix,” I’ll pay $5-$10 to do a “virtual” trivia game. But as I recently said to my husband (in a rather…vernacular way), it’s just not as exciting to me.

“You know how you can get the “job” done with certain “toys,” but it’s just not as satisfying,” I said to him in a beer garden at a bar recently (yes I was referring to sex toys). “That’s kind of like how virtual trivia is compared to going out for real trivia games. You’re just left feeling a bit empty inside when it’s all over.”

He didn’t exactly see eye to eye with me on my remark! Truth be told, he actually prefers the “virtual” trivia games. Yes, they have their benefits! Being able to lounge on your couch, not having to really “get dressed,” being able to virtually see friends/players you don’t normally get to see – those are definitely perks! And being able to use your own bathroom and not having to use a public bathroom, yes that’s kind of nice!

Sadly, there haven’t been any interesting trivia themes lately that I’ve thought about doing with my “trivia buddy” Kim. We tend to like the music/movie themed trivia games, and interesting movie themes for us does NOT mean Harry Potter! The next ’80s music theme night is Oct. 10, but I’ll be out of town – and away from wi-fi – when that happens. Figures!

I know a couple of my other trivia teammates miss the “live” trivia games, too. One of them has said he might be checking out games at Sticks, which officially started last week (though games had been happening downstairs at Aubree’s for a couple of months). I e-mailed him to let him know about Sticks opening back up.

My husband Mike and I have not set foot inside any bars for indoor service since March (except to go inside to order beers at places with outdoor seating). Are we being overly cautious? Perhaps, but we have no regrets about that. I’d rather be alive and healthy, thank you… One of the beer gardens we like to visit has some pretty nice propane heaters set up outside – those things keep you nice and toasty! I’d love to own one, but I’ve heard propane heaters can be a bit “glitchy” (they’re wonderful when they’re working, but are a bit high maintenance).

One of the bar employees said to us that one of the heater’s “igniters” wasn’t working when they first started using them. I suggested that they get one of those long-ended lighters from a dollar store to get around that (which is a trick I’ve learned from years of camping). Sure enough, I saw that same employee using one of those things to ignite the propane flame in one of the heaters last night. The igniter on my old camp stove doesn’t work that well anymore, so I always make sure I have a lighter handy when I’m using it.

Speaking of camping…a “last hurrah” cabin trip is planned very soon! This will be a great chance to see Lake Michigan, exploding fall colors “up north,” and if we’re lucky, a lot of critters, too! Though, if I don’t see another “Hills Have Eyes” squirrel again that will be too soon!

Now this is WEIRD! My Facebook “memories” just informed me that four years ago today I posted about the “Hills Have Eyes” squirrel on Facebook (a sickly squirrel who appeared to have some kind of facial tumor that was at our cabin site at Tawas Point State Park). The poor dear had to be “dispatched” by a ranger. No, I don’t want another one of those things visiting us at our cabin site next weekend (ugh).

As it to proof that there is indeed balance in the universe, shortly after the ugly incident with that sickly squirrel, we saw another squirrel pay a visit to our fire pit, get some ashes in its nose and make the most adorable “pew pew” sound you’ve ever heard! We needed that cute little moment after the events of earlier in the day…

In other news, I signed up for a “virtual” trivia game tonight at 8. Maybe I’m feeling lonely and wanted to see some of my friends, even if in a glitch-filled Zoom meeting setting. Desperation is a stinky cologne! 🙂

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