When You Turn Your Key In The Ignition…But The Car Doesn’t Start

It was almost like something out of a horror film. Fitting, because it’s October 1, and some folks (like me) start to really get in the mood to watch scary movies/TV shows this time of year. I actually like scary movies and scary TV shows ALL year, but that’s beside the point!

We’ve all seen those horror movies where someone is trying to get away from some random ne’er do well (usually some axe-wielding maniac, or perhaps a very slow moving mask-wearing maniac with a machete) and they frantically get in the car. But of COURSE the car won’t start! Could it be the alternator? No, our car’s a hybrid/assist. Could it be the starter? God, let’s hope not…(labor charges, oh my)! What caused this to happen (or shall I say, what was causing nothing to happen)?

C’mon, c’mon, turn over, you bastard! A guy in a William Shatner mask is moving really, really slowly and will catch up with me soon!

So I called my boss, and called AAA, which has provided road service to my husband and I since we were married in 1997 (my parents also use it, so I’ve had AAA service since I became a legal driver in 1988). They arrived in less than a half hour, checked my battery, jump started it…and informed us that the battery was original to our car (2013), and probably should be replaced. So they did it right there in the driveway and bam – I could go to work (though I was about an hour late).

Speaking of scary movies/TV shows – I watched an anthology series last night on Netflix called “Holidays,” which was released in 2016. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s were all represented – in horrible, horrible fashion. I thought “Father’s Day” was the most terrifying installment of all, and my husband described it as “Lovecraftian.”

If you want something scarier to watch than me turning the key and having my car not start (oh the HORROR), then definitely check this out and watch it if you haven’t already!

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