How Cthulhu Came To Me In A Dream And Told Me Where To Find My Mp3 Player

I’d recently misplaced my Sandisk Sport Clip Mp3 player, which looks like this:

I really wanted to find it, since I wanted to bring it on a cabin trip we took this past weekend. Friday night I dreamed that I found it! Then I woke up all bummed because…it was just a dream. I still didn’t know where it was. But you know how when you have a dream and forget parts of it – yet there might still be a lingering nugget somewhere in your brain? Well, my “lingering nugget” was that if I found my “I Heart HP” tote bag, I’d find my Mp3 player. Here’s a picture of the bag:

Lo and behold – I found it right where my brain said it would be. It needed to be charged up, but yay…I found it!

I told my husband (a H.P. Lovecraft fan) about this, and he said “Cthulhu speaks to people through dreams.” Adding to the weirdness – Friday night we got to see a “blood red” waxing Gibbous moon! Which is also apparently very “Lovecraftian.” Ah the plot thickens! On the eve of a blood red moon Cthulhu spoke to me in a dream and told me where to find a lost item!

All righty then!

More about this cabin trip in a future blog! We just got home a bit ago, and will be heading back out in a bit…

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