Are Wednesday and Pugsley Addams The Ideal “Pandemic Children?”

There is a lot of speculation about how the new “school year” will look for K-12 and college students while we continue battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Are children/college students disease vectors? Are they immune to the virus? Are  parents simply tired of having their damned kids around ALL THE TIME (can I get a show of hands)? Are we putting teachers at unreasonable risk by putting them in classrooms with a bunch of kids who (let’s face it)  will not practice social distancing, will have to be constantly nagged to wear their masks and if you think kids can be on the “honor system” to wash their damned hands after they use the restroom or get their hands filthy some other way – THINK AGAIN! Send your kid to school with a Hulk mask and they’ll probably come home with a Spider-Man mask because they traded with another kid. Yes…that will probably happen!

I’m not going to pretend I have the answers for any of these questions (except it is pretty certain that kids are disease vectors and they are not immune to COVID-19). Some school districts are packing them in as early as now – some are doing delayed starts for in-person learning – and starting things out in a virtual capacity. I don’t have any kids, so none of this actually affects me…at all! However, it is still on my mind, since I don’t think about JUST myself!

Let’s talk about the fictional characters Wednesday and Pugsley Addams, shall we?


Wednesday and Pugsley Addams in The Addams Family.

Do they whine about having to stay home? No! Do they go to public schools? Not likely, mom and dad are rich – they are probably either home schooled – or privately educated. Do they like hanging around and playing with other children. HELL no!


I identify a bit TOO much with this photo! Though I wasn’t quite THAT much of an outcast at Girl Scout camp!

Deep thought for today – Wednesday and Pugsley Addams are the ideal “pandemic children.” They don’t have a problem staying in/around the home, social distancing is a no brainer for them (they hate all of the other children), when they do go out they tend to stick together and not congregate with others and they project to the world that they might be contagious.


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