Picnic Table Seating Plus Short Denim Skirt…

Went out for a couple of drinks last night at a local watering hole. Because of the ongoing plague, most folks sit outside in the expanded beer garden at picnic tables spread out to allow social distancing. Even part of the parking lot was taken over to allow for additional  outdoor seating.

Last night, my husband and I wanted to unwind a bit. After breathing  a sigh of relief when a group of annoyingly entitled older white  folks from an online meetup had left, a group of younger folks took over their table. One of them instantly  caught our eyes – she was wearing a denim skirt that was shorter than most shorts and she had a model quality body and long dirty blonde hair (and long legs to match). Yeah, she could definitely  get away with it! We don’t  usually  see such “eye candy” at this bar, but I digress…

No photos! Sorry I do have SOME morals!

While they were in the midst of deciding which beers to drink, I saw something that made my husband   (clearly  as distracted  by the skirt  as I was) – and that was a glimpse of “undercheek.” Was she wearing panties? Maybe just a thong? Who knows! Had to sit sideways after that to try keeping that out of my line of sight (wouldn’t  want to make my dear  husband  jelly, lol)! Am I a bad person? Uh…

And that…was our evening’s entertainment! What did the rest of you do last night?

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