Reflections Upon Wearing Masks…

People love complaining about masks these days. They love to complain about having to wear them, they love to complain about other people not wearing them, etc. Nobody likes wearing them. I love nothing more than taking the damn thing off when I exit the doors of my work place. Yabba dabba DOO!

Me in my mask…

The state of Michigan – in the United States – where I live – recently adopted a “wear a mask indoors and in crowded outdoor settings” mandate. Which means I’m wearing them more at work than I was before (though not when I’m working by myself and not within 6 to 12 feet of others). The place in which I work is also “supposed” to enforce this mandate with customers. I’ve basically told my my supervisor that I will NOT be blatantly telling customers to wear masks. What I WILL do is passively aggressively ignoring unmasked customers asking for assistance (i.e. – pretending not to hear them/see them) and otherwise not providing service to unmasked people who walk within my line of sight. I don’t get paid enough to be a security guard, and I’m not putting my life on the line for people who want to flaunt the rules for whatever reason and resort to violence if they don’t like what they hear out of my mouth. All of that said…

These days I’m taking real offense at people who ONLY need to wear masks when going into stores – and still complain about having to wear them (grow the f— up). Try wearing one for a six hour shift in a non climate controlled environment in the summer- why, it’s like a sauna for your face! A hands-free self-contained snotrag! My apologies to anyone who was eating while reading this! Oh yes…and wonder no more what your breath smells like if you wear a cloth mask all day! Answer for today? Morning coffee!

My take on masks? Just do it…or avoid situations where they’re required. Nobody is forcing anyone to go to Wal-Mart. We’re being asked to keep our damn germs to ourselves.

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