“Hamilton” Trivia Questions

A friend on Facebook who played a recent virtual trivia question set about “Hamilton” posted these questions from the game. I did not play the game, have zero interest in this “Hamilton” fad (though if I listened to the songs I’d probably like them) and don’t know any of these answers, but here are the questions:

Therer’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear (unless you’ve watched Hamilton).

1. Careers: Eliza urges Angelica to tell Alexander that John Adams spends the summer with his family, which Alexander refutes because John Adams doesn’t “have a real job.” What is John Adams’ job at that time?

2. Hercules Mulligan: Prior to the Battle of Yorktown, Hercules Mulligan joined what secret group, where he brought information he learned as a spy for the Continental Army?

3. Break-ups: What two things will King George do to remind America of his love?

4. Insults: Fill in both blanks in the quote from Jefferson: “Smells like new ___, dresses like fake ___.”

5. Rising Up: What three things does Hamilton tell Washington he does not have, unlike Washington, in his explanation for challenging Lee to a duel?

6. Failure: When Burr analyzes his own failures in “Your Obedient Servant,” what commonality does he find in each of those moments?

7. Looks: Other than his face, what two physical characteristics of Hamilton’s does Angelica notice before he introduces himself?

8. Healing: According to “It’s Quiet Uptown,” where specifically are Alexander and Eliza when she takes his hand, and begins to forgive him?

9. The Press: Philip Schuyler and Aaron Burr are each given a two word description in the newspaper read by Eliza and Philip about the election. Provide both descriptions.

10. Harmony: What is the first line of “Dear Theodosia” that Hamilton and Burr sing concurrently in harmony rather than in call and response?

Mystery Round: Animals
Given an animal and how many songs that animal appears in, name the song or songs that contain that animal in the lyrics.
1. Lamb (1)
2. Tomcat (2)
3. Dog (2)
4. Elephant (1)

Final Category: 13
Final Question: Of the 13 original colonies, five are mentioned by name in the lyrics of Hamilton. One of them is New York. Name the other four.

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