I Lied…One More Trivia Game Tonight

I mentioned in my most recent trivia recap that our trivial pursuits for the week were done. Nope! We’ll be doing a world history themed trivia game tonight (me, Mike and Brad). I’m not expecting us to do well…at all – but Brad picked the theme, so if it sucks, it’s all his fault!

World History is definitely NOT one of my strongest subjects! I’m a bit better in U.S. history. I blame my lack of knowledge of world history on having a really crappy world history teacher in high school. He was a “read the chapter, and answer the questions” kind of teacher. I didn’t learn very well when things were taught to us this way! My husband – and Brad – are far stronger in the topic of world history than I am, but I wouldn’t say that overall it’s a terribly strong category for our team. But who knows? We could get lucky and get asked about “What global event took place February 11, 1990 and was broadcast on a variety of TV channels?” I’m paraphrasing – but this was a final question we had in a game in our early pub trivia days, and I got really excited (that event happened on my 18th birthday)!

I’ll have a recap of that game posted sometime after 3:30 p.m. on Friday. Saturday, I’ll be escaping for a one-night camping trip on the tip of Michigan’s “Thumb.” Very excited! Weather is supposed to be cooler (even if it means we have some rain), and I’ll GET TO SEE A F—ING GREAT LAKE! Ahem!!!

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