No Trivia Recaps For A Bit…

I just got back to work for the first time in about three months this week. I’ll be taking just a bit of a break from sharing recaps of trivia games (forgive me as I try adjusting to my own “new normal,” LOL)! I am feeling pretty “cooped up” right now – I’m not quite ready to be constrained to a work schedule, sidelined at home because it’s too hot to go to bars with outdoor seating (boy could I use a nice icy cocktail or margarita right about now), and it’s too hot to want to go camping anytime soon. So I’m going through some “stuff!” Give me time – I’ll get my trivia mojo back before you all even noticed I haven’t done any new recaps!

I have some photos saved of a recent virtual game, but won’t be sharing any recaps until maybe sometime next week. I hope you all understand! I’ll continue sharing blogs on here as I’m inspired to do so, but will want to step back from the trivia related ones for a short while.

Thanks as always for continuing to visit this site! Hope everyone has a nice Fourth of July weekend!

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