Back To Work Craziness…

I’ve started back at work this week for the first time since mid-March. It’s definitely…an adjustment! No more sleeping in, going out to drive the car again (which has its positives) I have to make sure to follow the new rules at work (wear a mask when I’m in public areas), and…social distancing.

About that! There I was, heading to the computer all employees use as the time clock – and Little Miss Covidiot was sitting at the chair less than a foot from the computer. Was she using the computer? Nope! She was fucking around on her phone. I stood back about eight feet or so and she saw me. She said I could go ahead and use the computer. Did she get out of the chair? Nope! So…yeah, I had to “go there…” Ahem!

“Could you please move away for a couple of seconds? I’d like to distance myself, please. She complied…and I was able to enter my employee number and hit “clock out.” Which took all of two seconds.

It’s notable that there were SEVERAL other chairs in the area she could’ve parked her ass in, but nope – she had to get in my way (not a wise move, especially when I’m finishing my shift).

I may not be the happiest camper about having to go back to work (grumble) – but I am enjoying having a bit of “me” time in the car! During the early days of the Plague, my husband almost always had to tag along whenever I had to do anything. Even if it was a trip to the drug store. I get it…everyone likes to get out of the house every now and then.

So what was on my after-work playlist in the car today? I wasn’t having it with “shuffle.” Here are some songs I cherry picked that I deemed suitable for my particular angsty mood:

I didn’t even know about the band Rammstein until I heard this song in the soundtrack for the David Lynch movie Lost Highway. Then I fell in love… (think of it as being like angry Falco).

“Living Dead Girl,” Rob Zombie

“Heirate Mich,” Rammstein

“Do You Wanna Touch Me,” Joan Jett

“Berserk,” Eminem.

Every single one of those songs scratched a sonic “itch!” Yeah, baby! If it weren’t so scorching hot I would’ve been tempted to roll down the windows so that everyone could hear my tunes! But alas, nope…max A/C instead! Fun fact, an online translator tells me that “Heirate Mich” means “Marry Me.” It’s actually a bit of a dark song, if you want to bother having all of the lyrics translated. A “song meanings” web site claims that this is what the song is about:

you can take the song litterally (SIC), and it’s a man who has lost his mind after losing the one he loves, and so goes to her grave and digs her corpse up.

Maybe this song was a nice song to follow up “Living Dead Girl!” Figures I would like a German language song about a guy digging up his dead wife! #iamwednesdayaddams #gothgirlatheart

In other news… I was going to pick up some lunch for my husband and I in a Burger King drive-through on my way home, but while I was in the midst of ordering, I (gasp) noticed my debit card wasn’t in my purse. So no fast food! After a couple of seconds, I remembered that my debit card was in the pocket of my shorts I wore to the drug store yesterday (bought hair cutting supplies). D’oh!

Like comedian Gilda Radner said, “It’s always something.”

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