Will I Get Called Back To Work Soon?

I’m currently laid off from my job in “Retailville.” I will not reveal the name of the company/store for which I work in this blog because of disclosure agreements I’ve signed at work.

I have heard that stores in my company have started re-opening recently, including the store for which I work. I have not been contacted either by e-mail or phone. All I know is that the operating hours are limited, hand sanitizer will be available for both customers and workers, and masks will be required for shoppers/workers.

Honestly, I’m not in a huge hurry to go back to work. I have enough money saved up to cover bills until the end of the year! I still want to look for a different job, but I’m not going to say “see ya” if they call me back – unless I’ve already lined up something else. Doing that would jeopardize my unemployment, which I can receive until September, if needed.

I’m guessing things will be operating with skeleton crews for a while, and they’re probably waiting to see how sales go, yada yada. And there is a lot of training that will have to happen involving cleanliness, temperature checks, etc.

All I can do is wait and see – and see what my other options might be!

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