It’s “Tall Girl Appreciation Day!” Well, Not Really… But Here’s How You Can Celebrate It Anyway!

Back in December, I saw some posts in social media proclaiming the December 20 Winter Solstice date to be “Short Girl Appreciation Day.” Feeling left out because I’m about as far from short as I could possibly be (I am more than six feet tall), I did a little poking around on the Internets to see if there was a “tall girl” counterpart to this short girl celebration. And voila, I learned that June 20 has been proclaimed by some to be “Tall Girl Appreciation Day!” No, it’s not very popular, and it’s certainly not as well known as “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” or that other holiday…what is that other one with all of those presents, egg nog and Santa…oh yes…”Christmas.”

 Though I haven’t always been this tall vis a vis this fairly recent picture (as in taken within past five years)…⇓


I’ve still always been tall. I was taller than everyone else in kindergarten (outgrew my teacher by the end of the school year JK), taller than everyone else in my Girl Scout troop, you get the drift. See if you can spot me in this picture from Girl Scout camp in 1981: ⇓


If you said that I’m in the back row second from the left, you’d be correct! At 9, I was almost as tall as the tallest camp counselors in my unit…

Well, in addition to numerous other wacky things people can do to celebrate any Solstice, or Equinox, such as dancing nude around a campfire, wearing face paint, sacrificing adorable animals, having sex orgies under the moonlight (honestly I don’t really know what the Druids and other “heathens,” if you will, did to celebrate these things…though I think my guesses are pretty close)!

And of course…hallucinogenic substances and booze can’t hurt, either! Lots of whooping, singing… talking about Geena Davis’ best movie roles (she is to date the tallest woman to own an acting Oscar). Well – I DID say this blog was bout the Solstice – and appreciating tall women, right?

What are some other things you can do to appreciate tall women on this day? And maybe celebrate the Solstice, too? Let’s boogie! ⇓

How To Celebrate Tall Girl/Women Appreciation Day

  • Ask a tall gal to get something off a high shelf that’s too high for you (this is OK to do as long as she knows you…don’t be that random store customer asking her to do it or she will growl at you).
  • Get something off a low shelf for a tall woman. Generally, tall women hate bending (especially when they get older, LOL).
  • Buy that old issue of Playboy from 1991 that had a tall girl pictorial (yes it does exist…my dad had it and SHOWED IT TO ME WHEN I WAS 19)! I am fairly certain you can find it on eBay.


  • Watch every single Geena Davis movie. Even Cutthroat Island. And especially Earth Girls Are Easy. ⇑
  • Watch a WNBA game. After all, it really is about the fundamentals, isn’t it? 🙂


Might as well add this episode of “Futurama” to your list! On that note….
  • Watch the episode of “Futurama” featuring Amazons. Then have snu-snu with one afterward.
  • Watch Red Sonja. Pretend Brigitte Nielsen never became the train wreck she is now.
  • Steal the girdle of Hippolyta. Or just raid a tall woman’s panty drawer (DO NOT STEAL MY PANTIES)! Go to New Zealand and steal Lucy Lawless’ panties!
  • Watch both Kill Bill movies. Uma Thurman is pretty darn tall…
  • Use a tall woman to help enforce social distancing.
  • Watch anything with Aisha Taylor in it (she’s 6 feet tall). She plays the voice of Lana Kane on “Archer,” and she actually kind of looks like Lana! Besides “Archer,” she’s also in the movie Balls of Fury.


  • Read a blog written by a tall woman where she talks about the trials and tribulations of online pants shopping (it’s truly riveting stuff)!
  • Hold a six foot woman in the air sideways to measure proper social distancing.
  • Watch old tennis matches featuring Maria Sharapova. ⇓


It really is kind of nice to be able to reach things!

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