(UPDATED) Who Are These Masked People? Picture Quiz…

Here’s a picture quiz for all of you! Identify the movies in which you would see the following facially covered/ masked actors! You can also name the actors or characters if you want – the point of this quiz is to have as much fun as you would watching “The Masked Singer!”  I’m kidding of course – what could possibly be more fun than watching “The Masked Singer?” My Facebook friends rave about the show! I haven’t watched a single episode on purpose (it’s been on in bars a couple of times).

In the case of franchised movies, only the franchise is needed unless you’re super awesome!

2004 ⇓


1999 ⇓


1994 ⇓


2002 ⇓


1983 ⇓


2005 ⇓


2000 ⇓


1987 ⇓


2016 ⇓


1990 ⇓


2012 ⇓


1990 ⇓


One thought on “(UPDATED) Who Are These Masked People? Picture Quiz…

  1. #1 – Hidalgo (Zuleikha Robinson)

    #2 – Eyes Wide Shut (actor unknown)

    #3 – Maverick (Danny Glover)

    #4  – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (just lord of the rings is acceptable..have no idea who this actor is…some extra)

    #5 – Star Wars Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (Star Wars is acceptable), actress is Carrie Fisher

    #6 – V For Vendetta, actor is Hugo Weaving

    #7 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (actress is Xiyi Zhang)

    #8 – Raising Arizona, actor is Nicolas Cage

    #9 – Doctor Strange, actor is Benedict Cumberbatch

    #10 – Back to the Future (back to the future acceptable), actors are Christopher Lloyd/Michael J. Fox

    #11 – The Dark Knight Rises (anything in Nolan’s batman trilogy acceptable), actor is Tom Hardy

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