I Don’t Want a Haircut, I Don’t Want To Go To a Restaurant Or Bar…I WANT TO GO CAMPING!

I’m  feeling the wanderlust. I want to jam pack the car with a tent, camp chairs, coolers, booze and other gear, hit the road and find a little spot in the woods in which to enjoy for  2-3 nights!

I’m  not picky. I don’t  need flush toilets, running water or electricity. I don’t  even need a beach  or riverfront. Just  a peaceful, quiet spot in the woods. I don’t  need showers, either   (though we do have a five gallon portable solar shower). I want a fire circle, picnic  table and a nice  flat spot for the tent.

I’ve  spoken to a longtime friend living in one of the two regions in the state “opening up” tomorrow, and she offered  me and my husband a chance to camp on some vacant property near her home near Kalkaska.

Tempting! We talked about  it, but have decided to wait until June 9 – whrn the rustic state forest campgrounds open. One of them is very close to our friend’s house.

I visited REI’s web site today. They’re  having their annual sale, and my local store is offering curbside pickup. We’ve  been talking about replacing our 20-year old tent this year.

I want to get  filthy, drown myself in DEET based bug  spray, shoot the breeze late into the night  by the fire, convince  myself that a daily wipe down of select body parts with baby wipes is as good as a shower, corral my unruly hair under  a bandana, hand pump my water from a well, use a disgusting vault toilet (I’ll bring my own cleaning  wipes). I want  to come home reeking of burnt wood! Is any of this too much to ask? 😂

I guess  what  I really want is to be a goddamn filthy hippie (it’s  in my blood)!



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