I’m Getting a “Virtual” Trivia Team Together Tonight!

With great trepidation, I’ve given my husband “shore leave” for tonight and he will be hanging around a friend’s camp fire for a couple of hours (exercising proper social distancing, not using his inside restroom, etc.) So I decided to see if any spots were open for “virtual trivia” while he will be out tonight, and (drum roll) – long story short…


Trivia is “on” for tonight – and I’ll have at least a couple of others “playing” with me via video conferencing! I’ll  have a teammate playing from Dearborn, MI – and  another from the “Hamptons” area of Virginia! Still waiting to hear if one of my players from Plymouth, MI will be joining in on the fun…

Sounds like some family members in the “U.P.” will be playing, too!

I have no idea whether I’ll be able to do a recap of tonight’s game. I have never played trivia in this format before, so I’ll probably be more busy trying to pretend I know how to use the technology rather than trying to take notes/photos…

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