Sign Of The Times? Invited To Another “Birthday Parade”

Today, I went  on a trip to a drug store. Why? To buy posterboard, markers and a birthday card  for yet another little girl  whom we’ve  never met! I wanted  to get  a birthday card with a unicorn in it, but there was only one left and it was dog-eared. So…”Hello Kitty” then! Turns  out  she likes Hello Kitty, per  her  mom…that makes two of us!


My custom- made Hello Kitty jammie pants (2018 cabin trip)

Yup, time for another “birthday  parade.” While social gatherings remain verboten, parents  have started inviting friends, family members and in this case… “trivia  comrades” to come  drive by their homes, brandishing  signs, banners, etc. and waving at the birthday  kid. Not the same as hiring a drunken (or methed up)  clown, blowing virtual tokens  in video games, bouncing  around in a rented bouncy contraption or eating enough pizza, candy and cake to inflict a diabetic coma from afar, but I digress! I don’t  have kiddos, but I can be a pretend auntie   – or whatever! Auntie Mame? Wasn’t she a drunk? Hmmm!!!

I’ve  asked my husband  to put his artistic skills to use and  draw a unicorn on the poster for the 9 year old birthday  girl.  All presented  with bright neon/pastel permanent  markers.

It’s  kind of sad, really. I’m  sure  this girl would much rather  have a “real” birthday party with friends and family and maybe even a drunken methed-up clown (pssst…no kids like clowns). Just like her big sister, whom also had a birthday parade two months ago. I’m  glad to help cheer her up, and it will  be fun to have an art project   (I’ll  do the lettering and other assorted embellishments  on her birthday sign).

New markers!!!!!! 😀


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