A Cruise Night – With Zombies – And Transformers!

Like many other folks out there – my husband and I are attempting to make the best of the “quarantine” situation (read: not go insane in our homes with each other while under a state-mandated “stay at home order”). That being said, we’ve been playing quite a lot of board games in the evenings! One of our favorites has been “Zombicide,” which we bought about seven years go as part of a Kickstarter campaign. Since that time, there have been several expansions, and the game has gotten quite pricey! We’ve more than gotten a return on investment with how much it’s entertained us!

The game allows a lot of flexibility in terms of map-based “scenarios.” Players can build pre-made scenarios – which can include city scapes, prisons, malls and even medieval settings –  that came with the game and  expansions, or even go online to find more. We’ve been kind of going “off the grid” and making our own  scenarios!

Last night, I suggested creating a scenario resembling one close to home for us – Depot Town, Ypsilanti! Specifically, “classic cruise night.” Each Thursday during warm months, people with classic cars park along Cross Street and show off their wheels. Using his Transformers toys (in car form), he set up a cruise night scenario. As an added twist, two of the vehicles – when searched – would turn into robots and stomp off – squishing whatever zombies were in their path! It was random, so neither of us know what vehicles would be robots in disguise!

The buildings we searched to look for dogs and weapons were buildings we know – and visit. Aubree’s Saloon, Sidetrack Bar and Grill, Old Towne Gold, 734 Brewing, City Body. Dogs add a fun dynamic to the game! Some of them can help you search for weapons, and you can send them out to kill zombies for you too!

I was in charge of theme music, so I found a classic cruise night playlist on Spotify that included a variety of Springsteen and Seger tunes, among many others.

Here are some photos of the madness:






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