Beautiful May Day 2020!

I know I still have a recap of a streaming game to write, and at this point, I’m not sure I’ll be doing that today! I hope y’all understand…it’s a VERY lovely day in Michigan today, I got back from taking a nice solo walk just a while ago, and in a little bit, we’ll be going out to pick up a couple of growlers of beer and some grub. Since it’s nice and sunny, we’ll be enjoying happy hour in the driveway again! It’s where we get the best sun this time of day (our deck in the back of our house is completely drenched in shade as I type this).

Last night, I completely trounced my poor husband when we played “Monsters Menace America.” I played the giant lobster monster – and he played the giant praying mantis. I wound up controlling the National Guard AND the Marines (Semper Fi!), and got stomp tokens in Miami, Tampa, Chicago and Detroit. It’s so sad, really! I can’t treat this guy with kid gloves (he’s too much of a hard-core gamer), yet I really just want to play for fun. It’s kind of funny to watch him agonize and strategize for ways to crawl out of his hole! Eventually, we just decided I was kicking his ass, and we just kind of put the game away and “hung out.” I also attempted to take a series of what can only be described as “quarantine selfies:”

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