Don’t Have A Meat Tenderizer? Use a Hatchet Instead!



Used a blunt end of hatchet  head to “pound” some chicken breasts into cutlets today! I made sure  the chicken pieces were wrapped in freezer grade zipper bags and wrapped the hatchet head in paper towels.
I used a sturdy wooden cutting board as the pounding surface. I wish I had some pretzels to pulverize into crumbs to use  as chicken coating…cracker crumbs, bread crumbs and tortilla chip crumbs will have to do! While I was pounding  the chicken, I was humming  “She’ll  Be Coming Around The Mountain.” Quarantine induced sanity? My mom hums and sings while working in the kitchen, too! #insanityrunsinfamilies
What’s  for dinner, you ask? Pan-fried chicken cutlets, homemade cole slaw with vinaigrette  dressing  and pierogi. Who’s  hungry? I’m  trying  to get used to this “housewife” gig (LOL)!



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