Found A Games/Comics Store Doing Curbside Pickup! Good Quarantine News…

I confirmed via a phone call today that a local comics/games store called Fun 4 All in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area of Michigan is open for curbside pickup orders!

I like that I have a “local” place to find some new board games to add to the “games shelf!” My husband and I are already looking at possibly acquring “Mr. Lucky” (a map-based strategy game involving Jack the Ripper), the third edition of “Arkham Horror” (a Lovecraft-themed investigation-based board game) and maybe even a new version of “Timeline,” a card game where you have to put different events in order.

I recently “joined” a Facebook group consisting of fellow board gamers, and asked them for recommendations of good two-person games – or games that can be played cooperatively while doubling up on characters.

Through some farting around online, we learned that one of our games we’ve had for about seven years – “Zombicide” – is selling USED on Amazon for $150! We sure as f— didn’t pay anything close to that when we got it…

Good to know we made such a good “investment!” It’s certainly paid its dividends during the past month…

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