What Better Time Than Quarantine For Pointless, Futile Endeavors – That Still Strangely Make You Feel Accomplished?

Quite some time ago, I acquired a AAA map of the United States of America. And it’s been through quite a few “crafty” projects since I got it, which the date on the map says was 2004.

The first “crafty” project was coloring the states blue and red depending upon how they voted for president in the election (you can still see my handiwork). Must’ve been the Dubya/Kerry election. About 10 years later (or so), I decided I’d put up little “stickies” showing the locations/names/stadiums of the “Big Four” sports teams in the U.S. Which I did strictly for “trivial pursuits.”

Enter an oversized novelty check into today’s “crafty” endeavors! But first, let’s rewind to 2017 – when me and my trivia team won a first-place prize in a trivia tournament, and were allowed to keep the oversized check (the trivia company was changing their logo). So the thing sat in my garage tucked behind a corn hole set, until I decided I’d use it to make a “happy birthday” sign for a 12-year-old girl I’d never even met!  I wrote “Happy Birthday, Lily” on the sign to flash in a window when we did a “drive by” birthday thing for her a few weeks ago.


I’m the woman who’s not wearing yellow…

Today, I put the oversized check to yet another use…mounting  my USA map on it – and updating  the sports teams information! It was more of an aggravating ordeal than I thought, and I still have to see if the dang thing stays on the wall when the furnace vent above is blowing warm air (I made some reinforcements…we’ll see if they hold). I used picture mounting hardware, some twine, some small nails and only a bare minimum of cussing (just kidding…there was quite a bit of cussing). Ahem – behold my color-coded “baby”…




Who KNOWS if we’ll even have professional sporting events anymore? Who knows if I’ll ever be able to go play live trivia games again? Who knows why I thought this was a good activity for today rather than cleaning the upstairs half bathroom (ahem) – or learning more about Lovecraftian monsters so that I’m not as confused when I play “Eldritch Horror” with my husband? Who knows why I still feel strangely accomplished for having done  this pointless, pointless activity!!!

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