Happy Quarantine Easter (2020)!


If this is an Easter blog – then I need to include a picture of a rabbit, don’t I? I took this one myself behind my condo! We call him “Senor Bun-Bun.”


Well, it’s Easter. For those of us adhering to social distancing guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, this means no family get-togethers, no public egg hunts and in most cases, no church services.

My husband and I had our “Easter dinner” last night after ordering drive-through at a local Popeyes. It was quite a long wait, but oh man…IT WAS SO WORTH IT! I ordered chicken tenders with sides of fries and cole slaw – and ate most of it on the car ride home.  Like a true white trash girl at heart (LOL), I got ranch dipping sauce with the tenders. I’ve never been what you’d call an “adventurous eater.”

Oh yes, there was also a biscuit. So flaky…buttery – only restaurant with better biscuits would have been Bill Knapp’s back when they were open. But let’s get back to Popeyes, shall we (no there isn’t an apostrophe in their name).  Popeyes is SO much better than KFC! Now that the restaurants around here are closed for everything but take-out and delivery, it just makes it all the more special when we do bother to go out to get it. It becomes more of an event – rather than something we simply took for granted before.

Today was a bit more low-key, no homemade dinners – other than leftover chicken gumbo soup I made a couple of nights ago. I fixed a can of biscuits to go with it to up the ante a bit, but it’s not the same as eating one of my mama’s delicious Easter dinners!

My husband and I paid a brief visit to their house. Didn’t enter their house – just sat about 12 feet apart from them on their deck facing their back yard. Certainly not the same as sitting inside and smelling deliciousness emanating from the oven…but still nice to see them – and just talk a bit.

Not exactly an ideal Easter…but I’d like to think I made the most of it! And maybe next time I do a grocery run the Easter candy will be cheap!!!

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