Tonight’s Zombicide Scenario? Easter Egg Hunt, Of Course! And Killer “Rabbits!”

I’ve requested that we use an “Easter” theme in tonight’s Zombicide adventures. What does that entail? Well, the grenades will become painted Easter eggs – and our main “antagonists” (besides the garden variety zombies) – will be oversized “killer rabbits” instead of abominations. I’ll have to be creative – I don’t have any actual rabbit figurines, and at the moment, I don’t know where my Animaniacs figures are…

This could very well involve me making paper rabbit ears to put on the Transformers figurines! I’d better get on that now…

And…behold! ⇓


Aren’t they just so cute? From left to right – Bunny Megatron, Bunny Brawl and Bunny Barricade! They would SO hate me for doing this…


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