Behold – My Quarantine Cocktail Recipe – “The Cape Grogger”

No photos…we all know what a vodka cranberry  cocktail, or “Cape Codder” looks like! Hint – it’s  red!

A little history behind what has become a “signature  cocktail” lately for my husband  and I during the recent “quarantine” events!

First off,  both of us are  beer lovers. However, since all the bars in our state (Michigan) are all closed – add that to us not being  able  to return  our  empty cans and bottles for a refund during all of this – we decided to rethink  our “drinking  strategy.”  Generate less waste, etc.

And that  is how the “Cape Grogger” was born!

Here’s  the recipe:

  • 2 ounces  vodka (any kind fine, we use Burnett’s or Gordon’s, both of which are “above lighter fluid grade”
  • Fill whatever drinking vessel ya got with cold water ALMOST to the top   (we use plain chilled  tap water)
  • Top off with cranberry juice cocktail

Possible  add-ins/variations:

  • Chilled club soda
  • Flavored  vodka (lime, citrus or cherry would  work)
  • Ice cubes
  • Squeeze of lime juice
  • Teensy splash tart cherry juice

Warning – enough  generous applications  of vodka to the mouth  will make you want to do a seance with Boris Yeltsin and boldly proclaim  that you  can  drink  him under the table! The ample infusions  of water will help keep you hydrated, taking a light hand with the juice in each drink conserves your  drinking supplies – and keeps the drinks from being too sweet (you are sweet enough already, after  all) and cranberry juice has lots of health  benefits   (and vitamin C). If you can get  your hands  on tart cherry juice, it makes  the drinks even  better –   and kicks up the health benefits  even more. Also tart cherry  juice is supposedly  a sleep aid.

We’ll  hopefully  all get through this quarantine  together…but  nobody said we have to do it sober!!!


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