Trivia Tonight! Monday, April 6, 2020

I’ll be checking out another live stream trivia tonight…this one hosted by a guy from the “northern suburbs” of Detroit. Good to mix things up? He’s promising TWO games! So I’ll have a recap of that game to post Tuesday. This should give my husband more than ample time to get our next “Zombicide” scenario set up! We’ll be using a different weapon set than usual – which will include hedge clippers, pitchforks and some really, really bad-ass high-caliber handgun. Ah yes…desert eagle!

For some strange reason, the violent board games have been REALLY hitting the spot during this time of being shut in our houses! While a horrible, nasty virus is taking people by the hundreds of thousands across the globe…it’s just strangely gratifying to be killing… imaginary zombies.

The same applies to TV viewing! Last night we watched “Ash Vs. the Evil Dead.” And here’s what I said about it in a Facebook post:

It’s strangely gratifying to me to be watching (Ash Vs. The Evil Dead) now. A ragtag group of survivors fighting evil with brute force, smarts and weapons – not by hunkering down in isolation. It was always my dream to die in battle, not battling for my life in an overcrowded hospital. I want to die in battle fighting tangible evil — not an invisible evil that tears everyone apart and changes the game plan at every turn.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Fuck this virus!

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