Went (Gasp) – Grocery Shopping Today! March 27, 2020

Today, my husband and I did our first “big” grocery run since Operation Panic Buy 2020 hit (last time we did a “big” run was Monday, March 9).  We visited the Pittsfield Township Aldi store near Ann Arbor, MI. I vainly looked in the “paper products” aisle to see if they had any toilet paper – and they did not. I wasn’t looking to augment our supply, but wanted to get a pack for a friend who said he was running low on it.  Good news is that same friend managed to find T.P. today (he sent me a message and said “Now I can start pooping again)” LOL!

We wore rubber dishwashing gloves that I’d sanitized beforehand, and I brought two sanitizing wipes to use to clean them when we were done using them. We also wore bandannas to cover our faces. Those gloves have since been sanitized with diluted bleach and will be reused until they fall apart. I hear they’re a precious commodity right now…


This is one of two tie-dyed bandannas I own…

My parents were on a Costco run Thursday morning and called at 9:30 a.m. while I was still in bed. My mom asked, “Did I wake you up honey?” I said “No,” which wasn’t a lie…just because I was still in bed doesn’t mean I was asleep! She asked if I needed anything, and I said we really didn’t need much. But we have been eating a lot of Cheerios lately (with honey and dried fruit…that’s been my quarantine breakfast for a while), so I asked for those, and asked her to look for T.P.

Later, she dropped off the stuff. In accordance with CDC guidelines, we didn’t even come within 12 feet of each other. I had the garage open, and she was able to put the stuff she brought (twin pack of Cheerios, large bag of dried cherries, large can of peanuts and (drum roll) – Cottonelle T.P. into one of our rough totes which was sitting out. I hastily wiped everything down with one of the remaining sanitizing wipes left in my “stash.” I have a large bottle of bleach I can dilute and use for other “sanitizing” if need be…

I joked with my mom while we were on the phone a couple of days ago about all of the new “germphobic” things people need to do as a matter of course right now. I said, “I’ve always been pretty germphobic anyway, it’s just all amped up now.”

So we are more than well stocked on T.P. for now! And, pretty much everything else…except I forgot to pick up soy sauce! #itsalwayssomething

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