Am I Taking A “Homeschooling” Approach To My Trivia Teammates During This Quarantine?

It occurred to me last night that while all of this home schooling is going on with my friends who have kids at home – that I’ve attempted to do something similar with my own trivia teammates! Brad and Mike get trivia questions sent to them every day via Facebook Messenger, I sent photos of trivia questions from a livestreaming trivia show to Brad last night (the poor dear doesn’t even have Internet at his home) and made Evan “hip” to the live stream opportunities so he could “tune in” to them. I’ve also been continuing to check in with all of them to see how they’re doing (not an overwhelming task, since one of my trivia teammates is also my husband). Yes…I miss meeting up for trivia games in bars! I miss seeing the other players…sometimes kicking their asses (LOL)…the people who work in bars….I miss having nice cold beer from a tap. We’ve been “subsisting” on vodka cocktails during this ordeal since we don’t want to have a jillion bottles/cans in our car hole by the time this “stay at home” thing is done.

In other “homeschooling” news, one of my Facebook friends Josh – who used to be a trivia host – posted something about his “remote teaching” experiences with his students. He said that one of his students sent in an assignment – about serial killers – at 4:30 in the morning! The student had read an entire book about Ted Bundy and completed a report. He teaches at a local high school, and his students are learning about forensic science.


I commented on the post and said  that I wanted to be in his class!

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