Quarantine Day 9 Update – Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Not really much to report today…it marks the ninth day my husband and I have been “self quarantining,” thanks to a wildly contagious virus out there virus scaring the crap out of everyone – or worse – not scaring them ENOUGH. Honestly, I don’t know what’s scarier – this virus – or our government’s leaders not taking this seriously enough.

We as U.S. citizens certainly aren’t strangers to epidemics. We had the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, and we’ve also weathered widespread polio epidemics. My husband’s grandfather was a survivor of polio – which he contracted as a child – but it left him permanently disabled. In his older years, it would sometimes take him hours to just get out of bed – so he could get into his wheelchair.  It wasn’t until Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine came about in 1955 that polio was finally on the road to eradication (after several decades of outbreaks).

While polio epidemics were going on (typically in warmer months) – businesses and schools closed, and yes – there were quarantines. Parents and children lived in fear (children were the most frequent victims of polio). And it didn’t just cripple/disable its victims – IT KILLED THEM. As many as 2,000 people died of polio each year.

We’ve weathered epidemics before. We have to give science and common sense a chance to prevail. In the meantime, we can’t make it easy for the virus to win. I’m totally OK with having to stay inside and avoid people for a while.

On a brighter note, my husband and I have been going out for daily walks (weather permitting). Today, we walked to an adjacent neighborhood – a condominium complex with a detention pond. When we found it, we just stood and stared it in awe for several minutes – as though it were a Great Lake. I guess this is putting a good deal of things in perspective! Hopefully, I’ll drop a bit of weight, too (don’t want to get TOO comfortable wearing the jammie pants)!

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