Milan, MI Craft Brewery Doing “Growler Buyback” During COVID-19 Crisis

One of the directives of our recent directive by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is that stores cannot take back returnable bottles/cans for at least three weeks. Sure, some folks may hang onto them until this blows over (filling up their garages in the process, LOL), some may even put them in their recycle bins and forgo the 10 cent deposits…and others will likely just throw them away.

If you don’t mind buying your beer by the growler, there is an alternative! Original Graviity Brewing Co. in Milan, MI is doing “growler buyback.” Customers pay $3 for a clean empty OG growler and can get it filled with whatever boozy deliciousness they want (beer OR hard cider). When they bring back the CLEAN growler, they will receive a $3 credit on an OG gift card that they can use later.

Here are the details from their Facebook page:


They are only buying back growlers that look like this…

Hey guys, we totally get that nobody needs a house full of empty growlers. Please know that we are only filling new glass as a safety measure for EVERYONE. We have discounted the glass to cover our cost @ $3 each (no further discounts allowed).

SO HERE’S THE DEAL, when this craziness has passed we will CREDIT you the $3 back per growler in the form of an OG gift card. Returned growlers must be clean, with no visible signs of wear. The exact window for the return will be TBD and will be for 2 weeks only. The total number of growlers allowed for return is not limited, however all growlers must be of the same design as the one shown in the photo. Please note the handle design.
We truly appreciate all of your support and look forward to sharing a pint very soon!

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