Coronavirus House Arrest Update – Day 5 (March 20, 2020)

What did I do today? I successfully  filed for unemployment  online. Woot?

I’m  feeling very  cooped up. I don’t  know  how much more of this sitting at home I can take. I’m  feeling like Jack Torrance in The Shining. Not to worry! I’m not homicidal…yet! But I can totally  dig how  he felt when his alcohol  cravings kicked in while he was  sitting at the bar in The Overlook hotel and talking to the ghostly bartender.  He was so desperate  for social interaction  with someone besides his wife and kid that  he opened his soul  to that ghostly bartender. God what was his name? Oh yes…Lloyd!



What I wouldn’t  give for an ice cold glass or mug of draught beer after a week  like this. Wouldn’t  it be nice if we had beer trucks visiting our neighborhoods and serving us cold, yellow, foamy joy by the glass? Who’s  with me? It’s  just not the same cracking open a bottle or can and drinking at home.

If weather would warm up a bit more, that would  be wunderbar! I could open up some windows, hear the birds chirping, maybe even get out the cornhole set!

I don’t want any of us gettting sick. But I’m  also very concerned about everyone’s  mental health right now, too! Let’s  hope we weather this global  crisis without  too many casualties AND our sanity intact!



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