Trivia Night Tonight! March 18, 2020

Yes, we’re all still under “house arrest” and can’t go out to bars to get our pub trivia fixes. But I’ve still decided that it’s trivia night tonight at our house!  Wednesday, after all, is normally a night we go out for trivia games, so why not keep that little “habit” going? After we watch “Jeopardy,” we’re going to adjourn to our “game room” and play some…Trivial Pursuit! After that, we might play a Tolkien trivia game.

The good news is this means I can do some kind of game recap for all of you! All I’ll have to do is set aside the question cards used during the game, so I won’t even really have to take notes!

I’m not sure which Trivial Pursuit “edition” we’ll play! Honestly, I don’t even know for sure which ones we own (without going down to the basement to look)! I’m sure we’ll go with the general trivia, and not any special “theme” trivia.

I know, I know…this news isn’t quite as exciting as all of the Coronavirus stories floating around out there! But the game nights are a nice diversion from all of the horrible, horrible things that are happening right now.

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