And With That…I Guess I’m Not Working Until April 2…

I got a call from my employer earlier. The store in which I work is temporarily closing today and will not be open again until at least April 2.

I have thought about applying for a similar retail job during this time…but I’m not all that interested in working in a crowded, overly busy place of business during a worldwide virus scare. My immune system is good, but not excellent… Do I REALLY want to work in a busy, busy grocery store where customers get into fist fights for toilet paper and hand sanitizer – all the while  the stress pounds my immune system down even more for Coronavirus to come in and set up shop? Sure, my chances are good that I’ll fight it off, but…do I want to let it in in the first place? Part of me wants to get this virus…just so I can get it out of the way and be done with it… Not that I’m going to start licking public doorknobs or anything!!!

I have some time to look at my options – and possibly even file for unemployment.

What a wonderful month this is turning out to be!


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