LOST RECAP – February 9, 2017 – The Wurst Bar

Editor’s note: Here is yet another trivia recap that got missed when I was archiving them to this blog site. Apparently, this is a recap of a game I didn’t even attend! I was at a ’80s music trivia night on this same night, and three players on my team held down the fort – and took notes! 

There’s a first time for everything! I’m about to attempt a recap of a game that I did not attend – and is based on someone else’s notes! Thankfully the note-taker has legible handwriting, which is why he’s our “slips” man in every game! A shout out to Mike for taking notes and helping to hold down the fort last night in our Wednesday My Trivia Live game at The Wurst Bar hosted by Stacy. Apparently, when a rival team saw that I was not in attendance, they thought that meant my absence would affect the team’s performance. Apparently that was not the case, as Mike, Brad and John held the game down quite nicely – finished in second with a $20 gift card, and 64 cumulative points. Seriously – it’s rare when these guys even NEED me at a MTL game! Brad told me later, “They didn’t ask any movie or TV questions.” And from the looks of the category sheet, no music questions, either. Maybe I’ll need to take a vacation on Wednesdays more often! Kudos for the awesome game, guys! And the questions…
Round One
1. Animal Kingdom – Primates belong to what class of animals?
2. Cooking – How many pints equal one quart?
3. Temperature – Ten degrees Celsius equals how many degrees Fahrenheit?
Round two
1. Amendments – What Constitutional amendment protects against unreasonable searches? Mike wrote “Brad” in the notes, so apparently he knew this one…
2. Paintings – Portrait of Lisa Gerhardini is better known as what painting?
3. Lost Generation – Who wrote “The Sun Also Rises? Bonus: What feminist author/poet coined the phrase “The Lost Generation?” Got this for both the points and the bonus.
Round Three
1. Words – What word describes two words spelled differently but with the same sound?
2. Geography – The Prime Meridian is located at zero degrees latitude or longitude?
3. Scooby Doo – What two-word phrase is used to describe a misleading or distracting clue?
Halftime – firsts – Identify the inventions based on the following clues:
1. Mendelev created what chemistry system in the 1800s?
2. Guessner developed what petroleum product in 1846?
3. J.V. Dunlop invented what for his son’s tricycle in 1887?
4. Richard Drew developed what in 1923 while working for 3M to help painters?
Got 3/4.
Scores: Thirteen teams, scores 9 to 36, with the ‘Pods in first.
Round Four
1. Golfers – Who was the first golfer to win the Master’s Tournament? Newsletter question.
2. Science Fair – What is the Greek term for supposition, proposal, or term for the starting point for further investigation – based on little evidence? Wow Mike, you took some good notes here!

3. Quotes – What Hungarian/American actress said, “I’m an excellent housekeeper. Whenever I get a divorce, I get to keep the house.” Brad quizzed me on this one later, and yup, I knew this one. But so did they…
Round Five
1. U.S. History – What is the name of the document the Pilgrims used to form their new government?
2. Famous Questions – Six-letter phrase for comparative size popularized by Steve Allen?
3. MLB Pitchers – What pitcher holds the record for most hits with seven and was also the oldest person to do this?
Round Six
1. Grammar – He/She/We/It/They are what types of pronoun? And I had to hear about THIS question after the game, apparently this was a “contested” question, and not just our team complaining about it.
2. Earth – What is the term for small particles carried by wind/water/ice? Another miss.
3. Borders – How many states does Michigan border by land?
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 10 to 64, with us tied with Team Pants for first. And there is a picture of a squid in the notes…little bubbles coming from him (so cute).
Final Category – What U.S. State Am I?
Founded in 1819, first Army post located west of the Mississippi (Fort Atkinson), Kool-Aid named official drink in 1998, Union Pacific Railroad headquartered here. Also some clue of 1.9 million people and a variety of ancestry…but not sure what he meant here (he’s working now not going to bother him…). Alas, they wagered zero and still got second. Until next time, which will be tonight at Stick’s, but may just be an “unconventional” duo. I attempted to call off the game here, but had one person chime in wanting to play? Well, twist MY arm, then! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Zsa Zsa Gabor!

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