Trivia Plans Week of March 16, 2020

Weather permitting – and barring any quarantines, illnesses, closures, acts of God, natural disasters and other factors…we’ll plan to do trivia at The Owl in Milan next week as well as the week after that. We’ll play the first game of the My Trivia Live season Wednesday, April 1 at Tower Inn, and then…see how it goes from there. We’ll rotate between the “local” games at Tower Inn – and the “away” games at The Owl as part of our new warmer weather trivia “plan.” I have a pretty “tight” trivia crew right now, so it’s pretty easy for us to all communicate about last minute changes in trivia plans – and easy to call off games if needed.

As of now, we’re not planning on attempting to qualify for semifinals/finals in the MTL league next season (taking a break for one season only). Summer is just not a good time for tiresome trivia routines – and NOT a good time for tournaments! I don’t even know if we’ll play the Sporcle Live tournaments in June or not (can’t plan that far ahead). The rest of my team is good this “relaxed” summer trivia plan (we all like to pretend we have lives, lol)!

The Sticks games will also happen Thursdays…and most likely will happen next week. Thursday games will be scheduled according to player interest/ availability, so that means “game day decision.”  I want to try logging at least 12 scores at Sticks, and we’ve already logged 7.

We all seemed to have fun at The Owl last week, but we’d like a bit more of a “fight” for prizes!

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