Trivia Plans Week Of February 24, 2020

Hey blog readers! I’m  being a bit “relaxed” today  and am writing this on my Samsung Galaxy  7 inch tablet which people  frequently  mistake for an oversized phone! My husband has commandeered  my laptop,  and is working  on our  taxes. I’m  hoping he keeps the grumbling to a minimum!

There are only four  more weeks left in the My Trivia Live season, so we’ll  likely  play four more games at Tower Inn. We also moved into first place  in the Thursday  night  Sticks scene, so we may continue  playing  Thursdays until we log at least  12 scores. I have a later start time in my work schedule  now, so the 9 pm games are easier to commit to! Also, the new host Angie seems very  nice! Mike, Evan and I have become a bit hated by the other  teams (a few of which outnumber  us significantly). Sigh…all’s fair in pub trivia and war!

My husband  and I have talked  about playing  at The Owl during the next MTL bye week in March, but that will depend  upon weather. We both enjoyed  playing  there, and only stopped because of Tower  Inn being offered  the  same night. We also take a break from Milan games in the winter months.

I recently  sent an email to the Tower Inn host to ask her to try turning  down the music volume  at her show. The overly loud music (which I joked about  with another  player as being louder than than a 1976 Who concert) is causing players  to have to  yell over  each other – and when players  sing along to songs (ugh that former Powells team) – it becomes absolutely  unbearable. We’ll  shop around for a new spot if this isn’t  resolved. I know, I know…if the music is too loud, I’m  too old!

This isn’t  the first time I’ve  complained about this…I made a similar complaint about Oscar’s  a couple of years ago which was resolved. I remember  asking another player  at one of the loud Oscar’s  shows if he’d  heard a particular  question  and he said, “I can’t  hear anything.” This gave my complaint  a bit  more “teeth” since I wasn’t  the only one!

I’m  very happy with  how my team has been doing so far this year! Though I do miss getting out and mixing  things up in different  trivia spots.

That’s  all I have to say  for now!

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