Trivia Recap – February 21, 2020 – Sticks (Thursday)

We posted our highest score of 2020 in our Sporcle Live game Thursday at Sticks with 150 points! We won two first place/$15 prizes for our efforts. Game one went very well for us – we only missed one of the mystery round entries (it was an all audio mystery round).

I’ll get right into the questions, please assume they’re abbreviated/abridged:

Game One

1. Song Lyrics – What does Carly Rae Jepsen order listeners to do in her song with the lyrics, “Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number?”

2. School – What does MBA stand for when referring to college degrees?

3. World History  – Within two, in what year did the Soviet Union divide into 15 independent republics? For a bonus point, get the year exact (which we did).

4. T.V. Moms – Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman star in what TV series that recently began airing its third season in 2020? FB clue, there was more to this question…something about them robbing a supermarket. Dumb move! Too many witnesses in a supermarket – and too many places for people to hide/flee (stock rooms, offices, etc). This is why people stick up convenience stores/gas stations – because if you stake them out, you could get lucky and rob them when there is just one lonely sap holding down the fort and maybe at best – make off with like 500 bucks or so. But you don’t REALLY want to do that, do you? Are you thinking about robbing a convenience store right now (stop that – you bad person, you)!  Chances are, the poor lonely sap behind the counter guarding their wall of liquor, cigarettes and lottery tickets will just give you whatever they have in the register in exchange for you to NOT kill them execution style then drag their corpse into a walk-in cooler (you know…like one of those “beer caves” that some stores have). Sorry…is this recap getting a bit dark? Clearly I’ve been watching too many “true crime” shows! Uh, moving on!

5. Winners – What is the first name of both the 1987 Heisman Trophy winner from Notre Dame and the 2007 winner from the University of Florida? Evan for the touchdown here…


6. Kids’ Books – What grade is the character Peter in – as mentioned in the title of the first book in the “Fudge” series of books by author Judy Blume? As the team’s reigning “expert” in Judy Blume, I had the pleasure of answering this… I also enlightened my two male teammates, and said that not all of her books were about girls getting their periods (vis a vis Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret). There was that one book about that adolescent boy who had binoculars he used to watch a pretty neighbor girl undress (pretty creepy stuff)! Also some mentions of specific (ahem) problems of adolescent boys that I am SO not going into detail about here! But if you want to learn more, just look up the book Then Again, Maybe I Won’t. And this wasn’t even one of the Judy Blume books that WAS banned! One of her banned books was Deenie, because of…things I’m not going into detail about here (I want people to be able to read these game recaps to their children, after all, LOL)! Well, maybe except that previous question commentary about killing a convenience store clerk…

7. Positions – If a person is standing “akimbo,” what specific body part are they touching? Mike – our trivia team’s artist, had to not only come up with this answer…but DRAW it!


Mike drew this – but I wrote the smart-ass captions for the superhero drawing! #thereisnoiinteam

8. Stuffing – What type of mild chili pepper is often stuffed into green olives?

9. States – What is the only U.S. state to border both Colorado and Arkansas?

10. Film Adaptations – In February, 2020, a movie featuring what title character had the highest opening weekend at the domestic box office – and is based on a video game?

Mystery – TV theme songs

This was all audio… the audio clips that were played corresponded to comedy TV series that were Emmy nominated. We got all but one of these correct.

Scores heading into the final: Nine teams, scores 49 to 65, with us in first.

Final Category – 20th Century Novels

In George Orwell’s 1984, there are four named Ministries, described as “concerning [themselves] with war… with lies… with torture and… with starvation.” Winston Smith was employed in the Records Department of the Ministry. Name 2 of the other 3.

Mike and Evan were both all over this (thank goodness – I can rattle off some facts about Van Halen’s album 1984, but I don’t know anything about that book)!

We held onto our lead and finished first, #freefetabread finished second with 46 points.

Game Two

1. TV Jobs – What was the name of the one-word TV series AND job performied by the title character in a series that aired from 1989 to 1997 and featured actor Craig T. Nelson playing the title character at fictional Minnesota State University?

2. World Cities – Antananarivo is the capital city of what island nation – which is the second largest “sovereign” island nation in the world?

3. 2004 in Politics – Who was the focus of the “I have a scream” speech? For a bonus point, who finished fourth in the Iowa Democratic caucus – right behind this person (they were a Missouri representative)? Missed the bonus…totally forgot all about this guy.

4. Banned – Who is the title character in a pair of books by Lewis Carroll that were banned in China in 1931 because “animals shouldn’t use human language?”

5. Bands – What band’s “Public Service Announcement Tour” begins in March, 2020 after the band’s eight year absence? One of my FB friends actually just posted about this a couple of days ago…so we got this!

6. NHL Teams – Since 1993, what NHL team has played its home games at the Honda Center, which was previously partially known as “Arrowhead Pond?” Miss for 2.

7. TV To Movie – What Disney TV series aired from 1987 to 1990 and inspired a 1990 animated film titled Treasure of the Lost Lamp? Considered the right series, but went with the wrong one…

8. Video Games – What word completes the title of a video game that won “game of the year” at the 23rd annual DICE awards in February, 2020? Off our collective radar, miss.

9. Artists – In what century did painter and printmaker Rembrandt live?

10. Insects – What is the largest order of insects, which includes boll weevils, lady bugs and fireflies?

Visual Mystery –


Missed #1 and #3.

Scores heading into the final: Six teams, scores 10 to 52, with us in first.

Final Category – Websites

On Wikipedia’s English-language homepage, the “Welcome” banner includes links to eight “Portals,” which “serve as enhanced ‘Main Pages’ for specific broad subjects.” Two of those Portals are Biography and Society. Name two of the other six portals.

Got it, and again held onto our lead. Woot! Good moods all around on this night!

This is it for our trivial pursuits this week. We’ll be back out on Wednesday for our Tower Inn game. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Dick Gebhardt!


One thought on “Trivia Recap – February 21, 2020 – Sticks (Thursday)

  1. answers game one: call me maybe, master of business administration, 1991, good moms, tim, fourth, hips, pimiento, oklahoma, sonic.
    mystery – silicon valley, golden girls, barney miller, mary tyler moore show
    final answers: Ministry of Peace
    Ministry of Love
    Ministry of Plenty
    game two answers: coach, madagascar, howard dean/dick gephardt, alice, rage against the machine, anaheim ducks, duck tales, goose, 17th, coleoptera/beetle
    mystery – life, god, beloved, sing
    final answers: Arts

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