Trivia Recap – February 7, 2020 – Sticks (Thursday) – UPDATED WITH ANSWERS

Famed Welsh crooner (and epic womanizer, apparently) – might’ve sang “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone” and various other things in his famous song “It’s Not Unusual.” Well…for the ‘Pods trivia team – it’s not unusual for trivia nights involving our team to BE unusual!


Singer Tom Jones was not only fond of entertaining audiences with his singing – but having lots of sex when he was on the road! According to Wikipedia, his wife got so fed up with it she just started beating the crap out of him. He said later that he “deserved it.”

First off – where were all of the teams at? Only three other teams showed up to “parley” with us! Perhaps the snowy weather kept some of them away? Secondly, I must’ve had a mind meld going on with the trivia host Nick! When we had the category “bread,” I said to my teammates Mike and Evan – “I don’t think this question will have anything to do with that band named Bread from the ’70s!” And while I was correct in that statement – Nick wound up playing a song by Bread while this question was being asked anyway! No, I don’t know which song that was…the only Bread song I’d be able to spot in a name that tune game would be the song “If” – and that’s only because that was one of the songs from a cheesy piano songbook my parents had when I was a kid and learning to play the piano! Other songs in that songbook included the theme from the movie Mahogany, Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer,” the theme from “The Young and The Restless” and others I can’t remember off the top of my head right now.


The band Bread – which is safe to say had a sound that was probably polar opposite of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath!

Adding to the weird…us not wagering on the game one final and getting it correct (well…maybe that’s not TERRIBLY weird for our team) – and wagering on the second final, missing it and winning first place!

And now for something completely different…trivia questions! Assume they’re abbreviated.

Game One

1. Crackers – The snack cracker brand that uses the slogan, “The snack that smiles back” has pieces shaped like what kind of animal?

2. 2000s Movies – What actor plays a hacker named Stanley Jobson in the 2001 movie Swordfish alongside John Travolta and Halle Berry? Not terribly confident, but got this for lower points.

3. Celebrations – Within three, in what year did the MLB celebrate “Jackie Robinson Day” which was on the 57th anniversary of his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers? We worked hard on this, but it really came down to guessing…I knew what year he was born because of a MTL tourney question we missed about him in February, 2018 (sometimes we learn from our mistakes), so we made a guess about how old he was and what year he might’ve started playing with the Dodgers…but were eight years off with our guess – miss.

4. Winners – Audio clue of song sung by an American Idol winner, got this…

5. Procedures – A “rhytidectomy” is commonly known by what other name? Miss.

6. Islands – Rèunion – an island of about 1 million inhabitants – is located in which ocean? Dammit…and this place is located near one of my favorite island nations (which some people call Maurice)…miss. We are so suck on non-sovereign island nations (grrrr)!

7. U.S. History – Who was killed at Garrett Farm in Virginia on April 26, 1865? Yay, back in the black with scores…

8. Magicians – What stage magician and actor narrated the 1999 movie Magnolia? There were a lot more qualifiers to this question, but this was the FB clue…

9. Stocks – Name one of the two companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average beginning with the letter “P” – both for a bonus point. Got both…

10. Book to Movie – What series aired three seasons between 2013 and 2015 and was about a town cut off from the rest of the world by being encased in a dome? This was based upon a Stephen King novel. I wondered aloud if Mr. King stole this idea from The Simpsons Movie…. Or maybe The Simpsons Movie stole the idea from him? Does anyone have original ideas for movies anymore that don’t involve reboots? I digress…

Mystery – Real show on NBC Peacock streaming service – or fake show from “30 Rock?”

Given the following clues, decide whether they describe shows on NBC’s streaming service “The Peacock” or were fake shows mentioned on the series “30 Rock.”

M1 – “Girls 5 Eva – former ’90s girl group whom were once engaged to Carson Daly decide to risk everything and bring the band back together

M2 – “Gals on the Town” – Love, friendship, having it all – and maybe just a great pair of shoes

M3 – “God Cop of NYC”- New York City police officer whom also happens to be God

M4 – Expecting – A 39-year-old woman asks her gay best friend to be a sperm donor

Missed #4.

Four teams- scores 26, 36, 39, and us in 59.

Final Category – Movie Titles

Decided not to wager on this – even though we knew this could result in a tiebreaker (spoiler – it would result in a tiebreaker).

Assignment, Training, Patrol, Beach, Siege, and Moscow are the last words in the subtitles of various films in what series?

Yep…tiebreaker for first! Our question (I think) – was how many regular season total hits did Jackie Robinson have. Our guess was not closest…so we got second. Oh well…$10 instead of $15?

Game Two

1. Namesakes – According to one story, Chelsea Clinton was named for an affluent area of what world capital city – in which her parents were vacationing at the time?

2. Bread – What brand of bread was first produced by the Taggart Brothers Baking Company in 1921 and was later among the first to be sold pre-sliced? And then Mike started talking about Beverly Hills Cop – which had a character named Taggert!


Rosewood, Axel Foley, and Taggert in Beverly Hills Cop.

3. TV Theme Songs – What is the name of the song by Inner Circle used for the TV series Cops? For a bonus point, which network airs new episodes of this series? Missed the bonus.

4. Wars – What military campaign of the Vietnam War was named for the holiday on which the first major attacks occurred in 1968?

5. Documentaries – In 2005, Werner Herzog released a documentary about a man named Timothy Treadwell filming himself studying and interacting with what animal? One of those movies that even though you know how it’s going to end (kind of like La Bamba, Titanic, etc.) – you still can’t help but watch…

6. Abbreviations – EIK stands for what in apartment descriptions?

7. Math – What is the largest single-digit number that is part of the Fibonacci sequence?


Some of our written brainstorming from the game…

8. Cash Crops – By a large margin, what country is the largest producer of tobacco? The right country was suggested, but we went with a different one…miss.

9. Art – Caraviggio and Peter Paul Rubens were proponents of what art style which occurred after the Renaissance – and before Neoclassicism? Miss.

10. Goalies – Name one of the two NHL teams that goaltender Patrick Roy played for during his Hall of Fame career from 1984 to 2003? Thank you Evan!!!

Visual Mystery –


Missed two of these…

Tighter scores in the second game…we were in first with 56 points, but only ahead of second place by 2 points.

Final Category – Board Games

According to Money Inc., chess and checkers are the two highest-selling board games of all-time. Name three of the next six games on that list, all of which rank ahead of Candy Land and The Game of Life.

We had all three correct…but switched out one of the correct ones for a wrong one at the last second. Classic ‘Pods maneuver (not at all strange or unusual)! Still somehow got first? Always nice when you hear that good news while you’re in the bathroom!

This concludes our trivial exploits for the week. We’ll be back at it next week for a “special engagement” on a night we don’t normally play. As always, Go Pods and stay classy, Bill Clinton!




One thought on “Trivia Recap – February 7, 2020 – Sticks (Thursday) – UPDATED WITH ANSWERS

  1. Game One answers: goldfish, hugh jackman, 2004, fantasia, face lift, Indian Ocean, john wilkes booth, ricky jay, pfizer/proctor/gamble, under the dome

    Mystery – Peacock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock, Peacock

    final: police academy

    Game Two answers: London, wonder, bad boys/paramount, tet offensive, grizzly bear, eat in kitchen, 8, china, baroque, don’t remember the goalie answer…

    mystery answers: Bates, pesci, erivo, driver

    final question answers:
    Trivial Pursuit

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