Trivia Plans Week of February 9, 2020

Where will me and my trivia team wage trivia battle next week? Our trivia plans – as always – are subject to change! We do plan to play in a “special engagement” on a different day than we normally play, and use this as our team name:

Happy Birthday, Leslie Nielsen!


Yes, we’ll be celebrating “Leslie Nielsen Day” on Tuesday, February 11! What kind of fun activities does that entail? Well, lunch with my folks at Haab’s in downtown Ypsilanti, MI; getting a free beer at a local bar, possibly watching one of Leslie Nielsen’s movies (time permitting) and later in the evening…a trivia game!

Speaking of trivia, even though Nielsen was best known for his “goofy” roles in movies such as Airplane!, and the Naked Gun series – he got his start playing “heavy” characters in earlier films, including Forbidden Planet.


Leslie Nielsen and Ann Francis in Forbidden Planet.

A “local” Thursday trivia game is also possible, but it will be a game day decision as to whether or not we play in this game.

An midnight on Leslie Nielsen’s birthday, I plan to release a “special” set of trivia questions – all about some of my favorite things! Are they going to be easy? Hells no! Though some of them MIGHT be easy! Brain of the beholder?

How will YOU celebrate “Leslie Nielsen Day?”

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