Wait…What? A “Booze Kiosk” In A Mall? Also…Where The Hell Did I Park?

Yay, I shaved six minutes off my walk today! It was day three of my “fitness adventures 2020.” Which is FAR more exciting than it sounds! It’s basically me deciding it’s high time to get my ass moving – which involves a two-mile “mall walk” after my shift at work – it’s not a casual stroll – but walking to get the heart rate up, yada yada. Today I finished the two-mile walk in…24 minutes! The past two times, the same walk took me about a half hour. Maybe I’m warmed up now?

I noticed a new kiosk setting up near one of the department stores (Macy’s – I think?). When I walked by yesterday, I saw that it was called “Vin Vin Vin” and appeared to sell wine on premises. Today – I saw that they had BEER TAPS! I’m sure this “kiosk booze” and the “charcuterie” (which I think is meat and chesse) is going to be on the pricey side. But let’s say I have a shittastic day at work and don’t want to go right home. Hmmm! Maybe I’ll have to give that bored looking kiosk employee something to do!

I didn’t really notice anything else out of the ordinary on today’s walk. Except the K-9 unit at the Apple Store. Had I not been focused on my walk, I might’ve gotten nosy and asked one of the police officers wassup. Usually the Apple Store isn’t the focus of any real “action” unless a new iPhone is coming out  – and the sheep come and line up to buy it. Like when the iPhone X came out – and I took this picture: ⇓


I don’t work the next three days, so the “mall walking” blogs will be put on hold until then!

In other not so exciting news, I brain farted and almost forgot where I parked!


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