Survey Says? My Trivia Live Is Doing a SURVEY!

The My Trivia Live pub trivia league is doing a survey…for some reason! To take the survey – which can get your team up to 30 extra points – click here.

Want to see how I answered these questions? I started out playing it straight enough…then I kind of went off the rails and got a bit silly with my answers. Take a gander:

1. If you were preparing to take an art class what is an item would you need to buy.
When getting out of the shower, what’s the first article of clothing you put on?
Name an actor that has played a TV dad on more than one show.
John Ritter
Name a restaurant chain that has two words in the name.
Boston Market
What is something you would buy when preparing for the arrival of a baby.
If you were planning a trip to Florida what city would you most likely want to visit.
Key West
Give the name of a mobile carrier provider.
Deer season is very popular. What’s another hunting season?
Name a popular automobile color.
Other than a cell phone, name an electronic item you can’t do without.
Name a popular Michigan vacation destination.
Mackinac Island
Name something that you’d see advertised on a billboard.
What’s something you would give your wife for their 25th wedding anniversary.
expensive bauble of some kind
What’s something you would give your husband for their 25th wedding anniversary.
night vision goggles
In your ViewPoint, what’s the average wait time at the Secretary of State without an appointment. 30 to 45 minutes
Other than apples, what’s something you would U-Pick on a farm/orchard. blueberries
Name an American Lit author. Hawthorne
The flu is running rampant. Other than a flu shot, name a vaccine. Human papilloma virus
Name a popular fitness chain. Anytime
Google It is a popular phrase. Name another search engine. Bing
Name a common item you would see on a kids menu at a sit down restaurant. chicken fingers
Football and basketball are bread winners for colleges and universities. What’s another sport that brings in money. Advertising
Without asking your waitress, name a type of wine. pinot
Other than popcorn, what’s a popular snack at a movie theater? milk duds
People dream of a house with a white picket fence. What’s another type of fence? force field
Food trucks are popular. Name a food truck cuisine. tacos
Before micro breweries became popular, there was good old fashioned domestic beer. Name a brand. Olympia
Name a TV spin off that’s currently on television. Maude
They say chores for kids builds characters. Name a chore you might give to your child to do. Do my job for a day
Name a popular rock band of the 60’s. zombies
Summer will come eventually. Name an amusement park. Itchy and Scratchy Land
Not everyone likes veggies. Name a vegetable that someone wouldn’t like. Rutabagas. Though I would try to prove them wrong because I know how to prepare them
Name something you would drink instead of milk if you were lactose intolerant. Lots of hipster alternatives
Name a popular cable company. Comcast
Besides the hair on the top of your head name something else on your body you may color. ANYTHING!
What is something besides food that would stink up the inside of your car. Dead body
Name a sidekick of a Disney villain Michael Eisner
Name things you would do before you go to work in the morning Eat, get dressed, fight off urge to call in sick
What is something you would not want to accidentally leave at home if going to the beach for the day Husband
Name a occupation children often say they want to grow up to be. Survey writers
Beside shoes what is something you would put on your feet. Whipped cream (if seducing someone with foot fetish)
Not including the musicians, what is something specific you would need if you wanted to start a rock band. Overestimation of talent
Other than a clock on your wall where else may you look for the time in your home. White rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
What is something you would do to prepare for a first date. Tell my friends my whereabouts in case the guy is a serial killer
Name a Sesame Street character that you would love to hang out with for a day. Oscar the Grouch because he can’t stand being around people
Give a topic that may be awkward for a daughter to speak to her father about Getting knocked up
What is something someone would not want to find out about their spouse after they have just gotten married? That they were already married and killed their previous spouse
Name a type of phobia Coulrophobia
Fill in the blank. __________ cat. Jellicle
Name something you can do to cut down on plastic. Sharp knife
You’ve heard of the green ooze. Name a type of pollution. Fox News
Winter is here. Name an outdoor winter activity. Pothole dodging
Name a reason someone might wake up at 2 in the morning. Because the bartender is telling you to go home
New Year has come and gone, name a popular resolution. Stop taking online surveys
Name a popular weight loss plan. Divorce
What’s something that you wear but are constantly losing? My mind
The Star Wars saga is allegedly done. Name a popular Star Wars character. The “Stand By Ion Control Fire” lady
Along time ago there was the mimeograph machine. What’s another item you may no longer see in an office. Poodle skirts
Olive oil is an alternative to vegetable oil. What other types of oils can be used as an alternative? 5W30
Sesame Street introduced us to the Muppets. Name a Muppet that was introduced outside of Sesame Street. Yoda

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