Relaxing Evening At Home!

Avengers: Endgame is on TV (we are also checking in on the NFC Championship game periodically) I’m in my comfy clothes, I’m about ready to have a Short’s Soft Parade, and it’s 17 degrees Fahrenheit outside. It’s a perfectly lovely night to not have to go anywhere. Also – I don’t work Monday…

One of my Facebook friends – an older guy from the U.P. (Michigan speak for “Upper Peninsula), is a mutual friend of my sister in law. I refer to him as “Mr. Curling,” since he is a virtual expert in curling – and has even coached Olympic level teams in curling! But none of that is important right now. What is important, is what he said about the Packers/49ers game:

HA! Someone snuck the Detroit Lions into San Francisco and put Packers jerseys on them!

This made me laugh!

I just love the month of January! Even if gets cold/snowy – it’s still a new year, I’m not as busy at work, I’m a lot less stressed, I have energy to actually do things again (though I have been a bit lazy today aside from running a few errands).

If we play any trivia games next week besides Tower Inn on Wednesday, Monday at Sticks looks like the best option – if my husband feels like going out (it will be just the two of us). I’m working some earlier shifts for next week only – so that leaves out any late games – and no Saturday game since I work early on Sunday.

I’ve been spending some of my down time…drawing! It’s very…meditative. It requires precision, creativity and patience. I was working on my own imaginary sports team logos earlier! I made a football-inspired logo for the “Arkham Cephalopods,” and a logo for the Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods water polo team. I’m really just having fun!


The top picture is my attempt to make a tentacled football. As for the bottom picture? You don’t want to be a human competing against THIS team!


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