Wait…If You’ve “Snoozed” Me, Why Do You Keep Trying To Talk To Me?

I committed the unpardonable sin of posting something about the British royal family Saturday on Facebook. A few hours later, one of my Facebook friends announces that he’s “snoozed” (not receive posts for 30 days) two of his Facebook friends for having posted about the royal family. He’s a guy in his 30s with whom I used to work (which means we’re not REALLY friends):

“Keep that shit out of my news feed,” he said in his Facebook post. Well then! You can’t exactly “order” your friends to not post about anything…they want! To even do so is just…arrogant. And by “snoozing” me, he did just that! I don’t know why he felt compelled to announce that he’d done that. So of COURSE I had to comment on his post!

And do we got into some iinane chatter back and forth…I said I’ve snoozed plenty of my Facebook friends, too. Just had a new baby? You’re most likely getting snoozed (with some exceptions). Just got married? You’re getting snoozed for that, too! Won’t shut up about your post-wedding bliss nonsense? Snooze! Too many election posts at election time? Snooze!

I told him I’d never snoozed him before, but thought about it a couple of times. One, because of a political post he’d made, two, because of a post he’d made about…vaping. And I told him this.

He wanted to know what I had against vaping! Honestly, I didn’t even remember…I just said I disagreed with his opinion about it. I think it’s a new kid on the block compared to cigarettes -and are probably much, much more dangerous than people think (which has since proved to be…true). But I didn’t want to get into any of that with him. I’m having a very relaxing afternoon! Heated social media discussions? No thank you!

His response?

“Whatever I posted about (vaping), I was right.”

I just left it at that…I won’t be responding to that. And I decided to snooze him, too!


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