Reasons I Miss Brett Favre…(And Clay Matthews)

I’m not a “football gal.” I don’t know anything about Super Bowl records (well, maybe just a LITTLE bit), league championship wins, passing yards, MVP wins, yada yada.

All I know is the Green Bay Packers just haven’t been the same since Brett Favre left the Packers in 2007, and Clay Matthews left in 2018.


I just described Favre to my husband like this:

He was like a Tom Brady you could have a beer with.

I mean…he had a cameo in “There’s Something About Mary!” As himself! If that doesn’t prove he has a bit of a sense of humor about himself – I don’t know what does! I also heard all of the stories…how his 40 year old knees were like those of a 20 year old.

Now don’t get me wrong! Aaron Rodgers certainly has his own “style” as a quarterback – and showman (you kind of need to have that second quality if you’re going to be a NFL quarterback). But Brett Favre was SO watchable! And no, I didn’t happen to think he was “hot!” He just seemed like he would be a down to earth kind of person.

I also miss seeing Clay Matthews’ long Thor-like hair flying around from underneath his helmet.

To me, the Packers just haven’t been the same since 2007 – and 2018.

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