How Is Pub Trivia Like The African Savanna?

I’m  not  claiming  to be Jane Goodall when it comes to studying  the behavior  of pub trivia  players. But if one of them throws  feces at you  like a chimp in a zoo, it’s  likely cause for alarm!

I’ve  played long enough to know it’s  pretty competitive! Chances  are, you’re  not going  going  to be ripped apart and killed by a lionness (who do most of the hunting  in a pride of lions) on a trivia  night, but you will still find predators – and plenty of prey. Solo hunters and pack hunters. Sometimes the prey and the predators find new spots to hunt.

A couple  of local trivia  spots stopped offering  trivi nights in the past few months. Which predictably changed  the trivia scenes at other  bars. We started  playing at a new spot (Tower Inn) – last October, and it  got off  to a slow start. We were the only regular  team there  until…

Trivia at  another spot Powell’s – stopped  last week. One of those regular  teams played at our  bar last night. Good! The bar needs  more teams – and we need the competition!

The Wurst  Bar  also stopped trivia in the past few months. A couple  of the dominant  teams from Wurst  moved to McShane’s, though  I don’t  know if both  of those teams are still playing  there. But  one of them is – and they’ve been doing well!

Has their presence at McShane’s impacted the existing  trivia scene? Maybe! I’ve  heard…some things. Changes  in team lineups, etc. I can never bring a “team” to McShane’s, because  Tuesday  isn’t  a  good night  to play for us.

I say change is good! The hunt for trivia prizes continues -even if the predators have to find new places to hunt!





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