Should’ve Played Last Night (January 17, 2020)

I’m looking at the final questions from Thursday’s Sporcle Live game and flogging myself repeatedly since I would have known both of those answers! Just kidding about the flogging myself part!

Name two of the four sovereign island nations in the Caribbean region with names that include the word “and”.

Since 2000, there have been three winners of the Academy Award for Best Actor whose first and last initials, in order, are also the two-letter chemical symbol of an element on the periodic table. Name one of those three actors.
Funny…the “birthday” trivia question set I’m working on now includes a question about Caribbean nations! Also, I recently started to tackle the Periodic Table as a new trivia knowledge area. 
Hopefully our “duo” playing Saturday will have as much luck with the questions (also luck with cooperative weather)! 

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