I’ve Been Thinking A Lot Lately About…Fashion!

I will have a new dress code to contend with at work soon, which is giving me a “slight” case of anxiety!

I don’t have a problem with the black tops/black bottoms thing – or even a problem with adding a “splash” of one other color. All of those things will be fairly easy to do.

The thing giving me anxiety is…I HAVE ONLY ONE PAIR OF DECENT BLACK WORK PANTS! I won’t be able to wear the only other pair of decent work pants I have, which are charcoal grey – under this new dress code. And wouldn’t you know it – I JUST got those other pants about two months ago! And I was SO excited to find them on a clearance rack (it doesn’t take much to rouse me out of my slumber these days, LOL)!

I’m a rather “hard to fit” person, you see…not an “off the rack girl” when it comes to pants (read: I’m kind of tall – actually, really super tall). And I fear that with our whole company (which sells clothing, among other things) going to this new dress code, it’s going to be even more difficult for me to find a pair of black “work” pants that fit! Even online it’s going to be a “tall order” for me to find another pair of work appropriate pants! Sigh…I tried in vain to buy a second pair of the one pair of decent work pants I already have – but the other pair I ordered was mislabeled – and was the wrong size. When I tried to re-order, it was out of stock. I was supposed to be notified when it came back into stock, but guess what? Crickets…I never heard anything…so no second pair of pants!

My only other “laundry day” option after I’ve worn my only decent pair of black work pants for about two days – will be my black corduroy jeans (jeans will be allowed in the new dress code as long as they are black). Problem is, I work in a non-climate controlled environment, and corduroy/denim is… none too comfy when that climate decides to be on the tropical side! Regular old “dress slacks” seem to be the most comfortable/durable thing for me to wear to work.

I may be able to get around the whole “pants not long enough” quandary if capri pants are allowed (still don’t know that). I’m almost afraid to ask.

The most recent time I wore a skirt was on a “date night” with my husband at a nearby luxury hotel. And that…is definitely a “pictures or it didn’t happen occurrence (judging from the response I got when I posted a picture of me in a skirt on Facebook)! Even an older male cousin whom I haven’t seen since his mother’s funeral in 2011 was complimentary (which was actually kind of creepy):

Here are a couple of recent “skirt” pics:


When my husband took this picture, I said, “I’m not showing my  underwear, am I?”

So I’ve been thinking today about other options. Mainly…skirts! Might be a very good option when the weather gets warmer. I do have a solid black skirt I could wear, though I want to keep it nice for in case I have to go to a funeral…or job interview – or something (clothes I wear to work tend to get abused a bit). And I have bike shorts I can wear underneath so I don’t have to worry about…modesty (blows raspberry…as if I ever concern myself with trifles like that)! – and other stuff that women are “supposed” to worry about when they wear skirts. LOL I’ll never forget my mom chastising me for “shooting beavers” when I was a kid (it took me quite a while to figure out what that meant)!

Here’s the weird thing about skirts…I’d resent any dress code to the ends of the Earth that REQUIRED me to wear a skirt. I would organize a million woman march, yada yada…but if it’s MY choice for a skirt to be one of my options for a work appropriate “bottom?” Well, that’s different!

When I was just browsing online options, my husband said:

“Those are cute. I like the pleats.”

Sheesh…did he think I was shopping for “kinky” clothing to prance around for him or something? And don’t I already have enough clothes for THAT purpose? Men…they always want more, don’t they?

“Just looking at pants alternatives for the new dress code, dear!”

I wonder how long before they decide this dress code thing was a silly idea?

Well…at least I’ll be able to wear the skirt I just ordered other places, too!

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