How Will This Year Shake Out?

Now that I finally have  a new laptop (charging up as I write  this), I’m  going to do some kind of “year  in review” piece. What were my most viewed blogs   (the most read  trivia  recap was from February, 2019 at Powell’s Pub about  a dying man –  and ranks at #24 overall for 2019). My most viewed blog of 2019 is about a cabin  trip (surprised )?

Aside from  that, how many trivia games did me and my team play?How  many trivia tournaments did we play? How  much prize   $ did we win for the year? How many cabin/camping trips did we take?

You’ll  have to wait for these answers!

In short, 2019 was a year of tragedy, personal  setbacks, happy family moments, triumphs over addiction, positive life changes and toward  the  end, a decent trivia  triumph.

As always, thanks for all of my blog “regulars” who visit  this site ( I love  and appreciate you  all)!

I’ll  keep writing if you keep reading!


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