What’s The Buzz? I’ll Tell YOU What’s Happening! Trivia Plans For Next Week, Next Year, Etc. (Dec. 27, 2019)

What’s  happenin’? Do you have  unwanted holiday  gifts to return? Still have annoying  family members to visit (me raising hand)? Thinking  of uses for fruitcake besides choking it down? Counting the days til the kids have  to go back to school? Maybe you’re  mixing an egg nog cocktail of some sort – because it’s the holidays, dammit! When else are you going  to find egg nog in stores?

Me? I’m counting  the work days (three) until I get  MY holiday break! Even if I will be spending some of that time off seeing  the in-laws   (whom I love as my own folks even if they make me a bit crazy lol)!

Instead  of going to their house  in the boonies, we’re  going to try getting a room in a nearby  town instead –  to cut down on driving  and  give us a pool, hot tub and pet-free accommodations! It’s  tough when you have pet allergies and have  to stay  in homes with pets (even if it’s fun to maul the little buggers)!

This means the best night for trivia for us next week will be Monday again.

What about 2020? We’ll  continue  playing My Trivia Live shows Wednesdays  at Tower Inn as long as the trivia shows  continue there. We’ll  still occasionally  play Sporcle games on random  nights  when my work schedule  allows – and I can get   (preferably) – at least three players. Though occasional  solo  games may still occur  at my favorite  spots when I can get the car. Mike and I may also play Mondays at Sticks from time  to time. One of our  players  has moved to Plymouth, so we may try  out trivia  spots farther north if it works  for him.

I have no game  plan for trying  in earnest  to get  us to the Sporcle semis in June, though  that’s  not to say we won’t  use a semis spot if it presents itself  to us somehow. All I can say is we’re not going to play in one trivia spot 21 weeks in a row (ugh)!

Not much else to say…happy holidays, happy  new year! And Go Pods!

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